Monday, May 14, 2012

A Story From A Future Dentist - Part 11

Summer was at its peak.  I was going for my first dentistry class. The previous day was the final day of my English course. Still, I was not being able to catch up with certain things like how this English course has helped me! There was nothing special I was learning as the teacher was focusing on basic grammars and how we should try to interact with our teachers while giving oral exams. As the dentistry course was based on English language, everybody was little concerned on how they were going to approach when the day will come. I was not thinking about these things, why should I? My mind was spinning for something else. I still could not catch up with the environment that I am going to stay for next few years. I don’t know what’s going to happen in near future, but I did not know that something will turn my life way more than I could even imagine. 

We all have our specific dreams for choosing professional careers. Life does not swing at our will every time. We hope for something, and the reality gets quite different. That was my case, and I was in a route where turning back could not be possible. I had to go through roughened surfaces and control my inner fierceness. 

I was going to my unwanted destination, hoping to escape from my black shell. I used to come to this area some years back. The area was looking totally renovated. Buildings were popping up like mushrooms here. I used to like the previous set up where there were green lands over miles. Now, it looks like lines of stony walls covering giant structures one after another. City life had changed its face quite dramatically. Even though, it didn’t help to keep things stable. On that very day, I reached my destination after a journey of 1 hour and 20 minutes. I was not feeling nervous, but there was something unusual. New people, new environment, and new destiny. I was looking for one my school mates who went for another school after completing his 5th grade. He was really happy knowing that, I had also got an admission here. After searching for few minutes, I finally found him at a corner. He was talking to one of the co-students of my batch. After a few words for casual salutation, I could not find anything to talk about. However, all of us got into the class room after a while. I was feeling numb actually, and there was nothing I could feel at that particular time. What would be the next vulnerable phase that was going to come? No idea...

The first class I attended was the Anatomy and Histology. Head of the department was quite strict with her words. She was letting us know about the difficulties we were going to face while studying in dentistry. Besides, Anatomy and Histology is a vast subject to study. I guess those of you study in medicine or dentistry, already have better concept about the hardship you face while studying. At that particular time, I was not actually bothered about the difficulties of study in dentistry. I was thinking about the day and I would have to pass each day in this stony shell. I was hoping to get finished with all classes as soon as I could. Time was not passing by, and it was stuck on a standing pitch. After few hours of boring lectures, all classes were finally finished. I was quite happy having finished those classes. It felt like a kind of a big relief and I was willing to get home as fast as I could. Home is the only place where you can sit alone and spend time with your own thoughts. It was the only area where I could think about my wish and my upcoming plans. 

After reaching home, there was nothing special to do. So, I went outside to see a college friend. Had a nice chit chat with him. He was asking me about my first day of dentistry life. What could I say? Pretty interesting? That would be utter lie. But, I had to say that it was good, and as usual. I couldn’t express my views as it would raise so many questions. That’s the thing we always face while doing something against our will. We can’t say or express our feelings as we don’t want to be in an awkward situation. We always run through sensitive matters. At times, we don’t have the courage to tell the truth. Life or reality makes us vulnerable at many points. We can’t catch every moment or thing that will bring happiness. It’s like a brick that does not have strong impact on a solo feature. When bricks are brought together to make a structure, it does create a huge impact. Sometimes, we miss the simplest answer while looking for the complicated one. That’s why we call ourselves human I guess.

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