Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Story From a Future Dentist - part 10

My classes started soon. For the first few months, there was not anything related to medicine that we had to study. Rather we had an English class. Well, it was designed so that in the later periods of our course we are able to study our medicine courses in English. Although English is the second language for us, and it was mandatory for us to start learning English from our preschool, I would say that most of us do not master the language at all because of lack of skilled teacher and an extremely poor teaching system. I am not a master of English myself, but I guess I can somehow manage the communication part well enough.

However, the scenario was not the same for my other class mates. Most of them came from city outskirts or small towns with a dream of becoming  a dentist. Many of them were hard working and meritorious too. But English was a terror, a nightmare to them. I never considered myself to be a good student or anything like that, but after seeing them facing all the difficulties, I started to feel like maybe I am not  that bad. I perhaps should have been happy thinking that I will be doing okay with my studies. But, the real problem was not with studies at all. For most of my classmates, coming to the capital city was like stepping out of your cocoon. Most of them have never lived without the family , and a dorm life was completely new to them. Although, I did not have to live in the dorms as my home was at a regular journey distance, but their measurable dorm life already made me feel that, it was probably good for me this way.

Only a couple of boys and girls were from the capital city, and this was the first time for many others. They were very different in many aspects I hardly had found anyone who had any similar interest, and it was very difficult to talk to them too. In the English classes, people were even jealous with me as I had a somewhat good command over what we were being taught. As I had already said in my previous posts that after a long discussion and debate with myself, I somehow managed to make me believe that I will do alright here. But the first few months in the college left me with the thought, how I am going to survive with a group of people with whom I have nothing in common. Was it even possible for me to change myself and join their league? Not really. I would not say they were bad or evil, they were simply way too different than me, and as they have lived their lives in places where our society is much more conservative, they had all those values and norms that were alien to me. And, I with my own beliefs and lifestyle- I was alien to them too.

So, there was this new tension, will I have a friendless life for the next five years? And anyone in medicine study, probably know that without a strong study group, it is difficult to survive here. Although I was not completely aware of this fact back then, I still had a fear in me, how do I get through this?

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