Monday, April 2, 2012

A Story From a Future Dentist - Part 3

As the days were coming closer for the admission date, I was trying to make myself understand on several aspects. It won’t be a matter if I managed to handle it with a better a grip. But, where would I get that strong grip over my emotion, over my mind, over my consciousness? It will not be possible for anyone to take control over everything that he or she needs to achieve. It’s the beauty or curse of our live. I knew pretty well about the inability of handling in my own ways. But, back of my mind, I needed to gather some positive vibes that would help me to stay calm as much as it would be possible considering the situation. 

Some of my friends completed one year of their bachelor programs at that point of time. So in a way, I was disappointed over myself. Why wouldn’t I do the same? How would it feel if you see your mates were leading their lives with great ease and motivation, and you were still on a block hole? I know, frustration is the only thing that people needs to avoid in this type of situation. At times, it never gets possible to overlook this sort of situation as the depression gets over your strong believe. We are a typical human being. We have emotion, we are jealous, we are greedy, at times we are soft, at times we are sympathetic, at times we reckless. We can’t judge ourselves as the complete package where everything can be handled with proper shape. 

8 days before the admission, one of the college mates came to my house. We didn’t have a chat for like 8 months or more than that. He wanted to know about my absence as I was not meeting with anyone. I couldn’t answer that question. May be he did understand my situation, that’s why he didn’t ask another question on that particular subject. He got admission into a private university for studying in Bachelor at Business Administration. I was confused in way as he did study as a science student. I didn’t ask for the reason of that major shifting for his career. May be he knew that, he would do well after completing this degree. I knew that, he would do well as his parents were pretty cool about this matter. They won’t pressurize on this matter. I wish my parents would do the same. 

On that particular night, I was thinking about parenting style. In my point of view, when one couple prefers to be a parent, they need to take some education about parenting styles. I strongly believe that, parenting style needs to be modified with generation change. It can’t be stuck for like hundreds with same fashion. With changing social values and situation, children will change their mind. As a parent, you have to understand their situation, and co-related wisely. Unfortunately, I can’t expect to get this sort of education in my country. It will not be activated in next 50 years for sure..

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