Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Story From a Future Dentist - part 4

Why we can’t build our life in a simple manner? The answer will be the “Expectation” curse. It does make our life much difficult than anyone could ever think so. There may be several incidences where our parents might fail to do their desired things. They will always poke us to complete those dreams without thinking about our own desires. Why we have to get shackled with their dreams? I do admit that, parents are above all. We can’t afford to pay their efforts back by nothing. It was not, is not, and will not be possible for sure. But, still we have to lead our lives in our ways; especially on certain aspects where we personally wish to make it possible. It may not be that serious, but it will play a mind game if we don’t prefer to make it executable. 

5 days before I have to get admission into my present dental college. The funny was that, I didn’t know about my college before my parents were willing to make me admitted there. I never heard of this college in my entire life. So, in a way I was disheartened as I always expected to get into a university which would have an excellent educational system and popularity. Both of these features were unavailable at that point of time. Even though, it is the best private dental college in my country at this stage. However, there was positive news for me when I came to know that, one of my school mates was going to get admission there as well. With all negativity surrounding my mind, it was like fresh air breathing after a long time. That mate was a good friend of mine before he went for another school. We didn’t meet that much after he went for another school. But we used to meet occasionally as we lived in same area. However, I was trying to think positive as there was nothing positivity left out there.

One thing I did understand at that particular time, and it was something different. I used to have bunch of good friends. But, at those particular times, no one had ever backed me up in any way. It was shocking for me as I didn’t expect to be like that. Everyone was like dealing with their own lives. I didn’t expect them spending their most of the valuable time for me. But I was obvious that, I would expect to have my friends around me whenever I would get into troublesome situation. It was really heart breaking moments as I had never thought of having those particular moments. After that particular incident, I used to try building up my inner strength through saying that, I won’t be a matter if I had the ability to manage myself. Life is not about surrounding with thousands of people. You won’t need anyone if you could push yourself further than your imagination. Think beyond your imagination. One day you will see the ray of life…

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