Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Story From a Future Dentist - part 5

The day before getting admission into the dental college

I was numb. I was devastated mentally. I was furious on myself and also on my luck. Why it had betrayed again? No idea about that matter. Nothing was going on my favor. I was thinking and wondering on what I would do after completing the graduation? No idea. At present, I still have the same question. I do not belong to this noble profession. I am a modified creature that has been continuously scolded by family pressure and expectation. What I am supposed to do after completing bachelor? Going to work on my desired profession or try to get admission for higher studies on dentistry? Ahh.. these things are really disgusting to think, but I can’t hold myself to think as it is part of my life. I can’t change it. It has passed beyond my reach. It has gone far away from my grip. What I am doing now? The answer will be a clown who never been able to bring smile to anyone, still people have managed to make him a clown. 

That day was unforgettable not for the reason I was excited. It was due to the fact that, my life was going to be changed forever. I had to get things going for no reason. For no particular purpose, I had to push myself forward. That was extremely tough to control my emotion, my thought, my inner positive strength. Everyone was happy in a way that, one of their family members was going to study in medical. What good news for them. How come, they never thought about my wish and my expectation? Didn’t it matter to them? Why it was just about their wish and their demand? The answer was yes they are just being greedy with their expectations. 

When I think about that particular day, I feel ashamed of myself. I don’t why, but I think I could make a better attempt. But things have passed away. Thousands of things have changed or modified in my life. But still, it was the day which will be marked for rest of my life. Many of you may have wished to get admission into medical universities, and some of them have decided to take chance for making their parents happy. I still believe that, one should lead his or her life according to his or her wish. Don’t rush your life through going with the flow. It may not show it’s true bitter feelings at early period of your decisions. But, you will feel whenever you will be in tough situation or in a condition when no one will be there to assist you. Education is important to make ourselves education. But, why you have to get pressurized by our parents? If we need to get education, then we must get the authority of choosing our own professions. Life is just for single time, and we can just waste it through living up to our parent’s expectation all the time. We have to make them realize that, there are certainly things that are more important rather than their fake reputational crap. Which is more important in their life? Fake reputation or their children’s true happiness?

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