Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Story From a Future Dentist - part 7

April 11, 2006 – Week after getting admission into the college

One week had passed after I took admission into the college. I didn’t mention earlier that, the college is a private one, and expensive too! Still I am paying the amount that I never thought so. It is getting heavily on my nerve as I am currently studying and working at the same time. However, coming back to the story, I never wanted to spend so much money for studying here. My family was not in a condition where they could afford to do so. They took a chance without knowing properly that, all things would go smooth. I knew that, it would not be possible as there was financial tension going on. Actually, it did start some years back and was continuing for a long. I knew something bad was going to happen in near future. Private study is not about the education quality only. It’s about the money issue also. If you don’t have the ability to provide money on time, you can’t expect to have a degree on time. This is something I was wondering at that point of time. I also knew that, no one was going to bother on what I would say. Therefore, I decided to stop myself from saying anything as there was no point of doing that. I tried to make something for myself, but couldn’t do so. Let them handle things, and see how it would go. But seems like, there was nothing worse it would happen at that point of time. 

After getting admission, my friends used interact more. They used to hang out whenever they got time. I knew that, it was for the reason of my admission in the dental college. Even though, I didn’t want them to understand that, I knew the reason of their approach. It’s all about pride and it’s all about show off. Everyone always prefers to show something that he or he has never been into. I don’t know why they always like to do that as I personally don’t find it interesting. It is humiliating in a way because I am showing something to people that I am not? Then, what is the real point of doing that? I guess those people know better than me. However, I never wanted to experience things like that. I know why my friends didn’t make contact when I was not admitted anywhere. It was shocking for me, and I never believed or thought it would happen actually. I have experienced so many things after completing my college. It was the time when I started learning about the real life and real people. When you are in a position where no one is going to help, you will realize whose your real friends are. You may feel lucky in a sense as it is happening in your early part of your life. You will have enough time to make yourself understand and push forward to focus on your future life.

Week after my admission, my parents had already pushed myself to start study on my subjects. I was not sure what actually they meant. How it would be possible for me without starting classes? To whom I was supposed to give my answer? They won’t listen to me as they had already poked few times about the money they were going to spend or they already spent on my education. That was something I used to hate way too much. My words were pretty simple about life. I always told them that never do anything for me where you always have to poke every single second. If you were not capable enough to let me study in medical, then there was not logical view of getting admission there. Whose was going to make them understand? They were doing everything that would be right on their judgment, not my wish. This is reality or this is something that every parent always prefers to impose themselves to their children? Benefits? Where and how? No idea from my side…

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