Monday, April 9, 2012

A Story From a Future Dentist - part 6

The day when I got admission in the dental college

With so many questions with unresolved answers, I went to the dental college. It would be unfair to say that, I was in a normal mood. How it would be possible? I was pressing down my dream and trying to hold myself with my parents dream. One day I am going to be a dentist. But it will not be a dream comes true. It will be like; one of the responsible parts of my life is going to be completed. Things will not stop here as I will need to get more than one higher degrees to work in a better shape. However, I still remember that day as it changed my whole life. Before getting admitted, my life was not that soothing. It was difficult in a way because of the condition of family. Things were not going in the way that it would prefer to. My family had to pass through some serious bad patches in case of finance and internal craps. I always preferred to neglect those particular parts as I never wanted to believe that, those were going to be a permanent picture of my life. I would rather try to change things as much as it could be possible. It would be quite unfair for me if I couldn’t stand myself anywhere in the picture of my family. I have to present myself, and I have to show my capabilities. I have long way to go as life is still playing a hide n seek game. 

Coming back to the day of admission. It was a gloomy morning. It was going to be rain at some point. The whole scenario made it more depressing. Even though, my parents were looking excited as one of their child was going to be in medical college. It was something that had never done in their family history. I was making a history. Can you believe it? But, I never wanted to make history like that. How I would make them understand? They never listened to me. In near future, I would do the same thing. My thought was grabbing my inner strength. It won’t let me do or think anything to boost my inner power. Was it intentional or involuntary? 

Finally, I reached in the admission building. We were waiting for the call of principal. He was busy with other parents too. After waiting for about one hour, we got the call from the principal. I went inside, showed my gesture. Sitting there, the first question that asked by the principal was “Why you want to be a doctor?” I was in dilemma. What should I answer? I couldn’t tell him that, I didn’t come here in my own will. I was being forced my parents and their heavy expectations. Many of you may have thought of become doctor in your early life. I never thought to be a doctor. I never wished actually. So, there was nothing significant I could say to him. I was staying quiet for a min. Then I answered something that would call like a robotic answer. I said to him that “I always wanted to be a doctor. I was my dream. Never thought I would get a chance to become a doctor. Thanks to the almighty that, he gives the prime opportunity to make my wish comes true. I have been fortunate that, I am getting admission in your dental college. I will try my best to live up to your expectation. I will dedicate my life for this career. My aim will be people’s cure.” I am still not sure about those words. Those words didn’t come from my heart. My heart wanted to say something different that my parents would never wanted to listen in their entire life. That’s call reality which always tastes bitter than anything.

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