Monday, April 2, 2012

A story from a Future Dentist - part 2

Getting into a block hole


Ten days before the admission into the dental college. Back of my mind, I was always expecting to get something miracle. There was no one physically who could have helped me. I was going down morally. My ethics of life was diminishing just like bullet train. One question was roaming around continually, and it was "What I am going to do?" I don't want to get admitted. Why don't they understand this truth? It will not bring back joy for none of us. It will create sorrow, it will create hatred situations, and it will create back stabbing mind. Every single minute was like hell for me. I know that, some of you may think it was ridiculous to react like that. With the available circumstances, it was expected. I knew that, I would eventually break down mentally. And it was correct in a way. Everyone has got their way of dreaming and living life. Everybody thinks, he or she will paint her life with bright colors. Then why there is still presence of black? Does black symbolize something? Truth? Or Unleash black secret? For me black is the color of extreme hatred feel or the elegance of joy. It will unleash its one side according to the situation.

When I was in college, I can't remember what I was planning for. I was sure that, I would not be able to admission in any of the well known private universities due to financial issues. Besides, I was not sure about government universities as there would be extremely difficult to compete. So, there were not many chances left at that point of time. I was a medium level of student. So, it would be unfair if would say I would make wonders with my uncoordinated brain. My family was not doing well at that particular time. That's the thing killing my brain as I still can't catch why they have intended to put me in medical studies in private section? It was obvious that, it would cost more than any of the private universities. For family wish, you just can't play with your children. This is wrong, really wrong. Our parenting styles are way much backdated. I am not saying, its way too bad; but at some critical stages, parents need to modify their parenting styles. Things have changed, and they should understand this fact. With changing social values, there is every possibility that young generation like us will be modified. Why we always have to run for the dream? Why we can't adjust ourselves with limited offer? The answer will be the desire. We always try see things that we could not get in past. We try to see our dreams through our children. Then what about your children's own dream? Does it need to be flushed out from his or her life? Does it sound right to you? So many questions that we have been wondering for hundreds of years, but there is still no answer. It may be inability to see things or we don't want to see things like that. Every punch has its own power. Let it flow, it will hit somewhere....


  1. Hi,I don't know if you are a good dentist(your story didn't get there yet) but you are a very very good writer,I love your story,keep posting!!!Joana

    1. Hey Joana, thanks a lot for your comment. It will inspire me for sure while writing on future parts of this story.