Monday, April 2, 2012

A Story From a Future Dentist - part 1

Many of us got into a situation where they didn't want to do that work but had to do as our parents forced us to do so. I am not saying all of you had the same experience. I have gone through these sorts of situations for several occasions. You can't just deny everything as they are your parents. It always gets in a situation where you have to feel that, my parents have done so many things in my whole career, so that my turn to live up to their expectation. Yes, that's the mistake we always do when the crucial turn was needed to make.

1st week of February in 2006, all of my family members were wondering where to let me study. I personally wanted to study in IT sector. It was kind of my wish to study in Information Technology as I wanted to know the details about this. Although, I did get admission on pharmacology in one of the leading private universities in my country. But, my parents didn't let me study there too. Their dream was to let me study in medical science. No! I didn't want to study there. But, who cares? No one. They decided to do so, so that were going to implement it soon. After a month, I took admission test in my current dental college, and somehow I did manage to pass. I guess that was my biggest fault in a way LOL. After getting that admission result, they didn't want to hear any alternative option. I wanted to make them understand that, private medical study would be hugely expensive. We didn't have the best of condition to pay out all the medical study related expenses. As usual, they didn't care on what I had said to them. That's the thing I always hate to see and understand about parenting. Why children need to be avoided in case of making any decision related to them? At the age of 18 or 19 years, they can't even understand what will be the best possible thing to stable their life? At least, they should get the chance in case of choosing the right professional career? I have seen so many fellow students saying that, they didn't want to study in those subjects where they are studying now. Then, what is the point? If we can't manage to think about our career, then how are we going to push ourselves to get the destiny? I guess that's not going to change until parents will change their own perceptions about their children future.

As days were passing by, I had been feeling that, my life would be entirely different forever. I didn't know that, life has something else to show. It was much worse than I thought at that point of time. However, those days were just like hell for me. I couldn't manage to motivate myself as I didn't want to stay there. But, there was not any chance that I could try out something. I was not financially stable to take my own decision in case of career at least. If I had the situation of my present states, then I would surely try out something else. I can't even regret as there was hardly anything I could do. I had to study somewhere as all of my friends had already started studying somewhere. In a way, I was a terrible mental state, and more interestingly, there was no one to share things. Through living out these periods, I did manage to learn something; there will be no one when your days are not agreeable. So, be ready for every possible situation as you are going to the one man army to defend yourself.

Days were just passing by, and the time of getting admission was coming soon. I was almost freaking out as there was nothing I could do. There were several questions roaming around, but not a single answer that could stable my mental state.

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